PRINCESS TRAVEL AND TOURISM LLC is a Dubai Based travel & tourism company in UAE, that provides people with the easiest, fastest & most economical solutions for all kind of travel & tourism requirements.
Our comprehensive range of destination management services includes visa applications, planning, contracting, hotel reservations, arrivals and in-resort assistance, transport, excursions and safari operations, event management and departure services. We at PRINCESS TRAVEL AND TOURISM LLC think for the people & operate absolutely for the people and we always stand by the side of our customers’ interests.

Our Vision – We love to make royal trips

The management of PRINCESS TRAVEL AND TOURISM LLC has decades of UAE travel & tourism industry experience, believes that every travel and tourism activities has to be simple, fast, easy, comfortable & economical for everyone in the world – either it is getting a visa, or booking a hotel, or confirming a tour, or arranging a transfer or even issuing an air ticket.

Our Mission – We love to make royal trips

We love to make your lives happy & would go to any extend for the happiness, joy & peace of mind of our most valued customers. We give all kind of travel & tourism services so easily and quickly for people who does not want to undergo painstaking, time consuming, expensive, complicated & tense procedures.